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This is a different kind of history book, one told, not by historians, but by the families of the veterans of World War II. Here they tell the stories that have never been heard. Stories that the veterans told only to their wives and children; stories so personal, so touching, and so real that it will change the way you look at the war and change the way you see the men and women of the greatest generation.

Soldiers’ Stories: A Collection of World War II Memoirs opens our eyes to the reality of war and opens our hearts to these soldiers in a way that can only be seen through the eyes of the people who loved them.

This is a beautiful book in so many ways. You won’t be able to put it down and you will never forget it.

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A Great Website For Stories Of 83rd Infantry Division

A Great Website for Stories of 83rd Infantry Division

This a great website if you are interested in the 83rd Infantry Division or more! …

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A Book to Treasure

I just received my copy of "Soldiers' Stories" and am indeed thrilled to read the stories of the many people who served our country during WW II. This is a book that will be very difficult for the reader to put down once they open to that first page! more

The Greatest Generation

The Miller Family has turned a labor of love into a pivotal primary source of World War II history. The stories and images of this book tell a powerful story from the home front to every theater of World War II. Seldom does an historical document cover so many more

Great Book

I loved reading about the extraordinary experiences of these average men and women who fought WWII and saved the world for us. It is somewhat of a surprise to realize that our parents--those solid anchors we relied upon, who were strong and brave, and knew how to fix everything--were more

Unforgettable Voices

A journey through the lives of those brave Soldiers of WWII. While reading this book, I felt like I was at a family reunion reliving all the experiences and memories of this most difficult military encounters of US history. Seeing the pictures, hearing their stories of bravery, pain, harsh environment, more

A Must Have

Revealing, compelling, inspiring. This book takes a war from our parents and grandparents era and breaks it down into bite size, first-hand stories we might hear around the Thanksgiving table or 4th of July cookout. Exceptionally well written and the photography is breathtaking.

A Great Book! Well Done!

This is such an incredible legacy for our children and grandchildren. First-hand stories and photos from those who fought in WWII and the families who supported them. There are many wonderful tributes to the men and woman who sacrificed so much to end tyranny. There is a reason they more



Myra Miller, Ken  Miller, Del Miller, Marshall Miller, and Lynette Miller Ballard are the five adult children of Myron H. Miller, S/Sgt who served in the United States Armed Forces from 1942-1946 during WWII in the European Theater Operation. Growing up in the small, rural community of Dixon, Missouri, the children of Myron and Dolores Gates Miller went off to college and lived their lives until, decades later, found themselves together again on a road of discovery concerning their father’s war. During that process, they knew that there were not enough stories about their own father to fill an entire book and realized that other families might have stories and photos to share. Thus, the idea for Soldiers’ Stories: A Collection of WWII Memoirs was born in February 2016. Through one crazy trip, hard work, and combined efforts the first Soldiers’ Stories book was published in December 2016.

What a success! We received many great reviews and even won the 2017 Ella Dickey Literacy Award for historical preservation of literature. After many bookstore signings and a massive social media presence, Soldiers’ Stories made it around the world to excited readers. It was clear that we had preserved the stories of many ordinary men and women who might not have ever been recognized in print, to last a lifetime for the next generation.

At this point, we were inundated with requests from WWII descendants to honor more veterans. As a result, we decided to create a Soldiers’ Stories – Volume II! With well over 100 stories already submitted, the Miller Family is working on a November 15, 2017 deadline to have all stories submitted so that the final book layout and production may be finished. We have a submission form on this website under the SUBMIT tab!

Myra and Lynette live in St. Louis, Missouri; Marshall lives in Belleville, Illinois; Ken lives in Dixon, Missouri; and Del resides in Denver, Colorado.

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