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Book Layout And Interior Design Phase Begins

Book Layout and Interior Design Phase Begins

HOLY COW – 100+ stories!  This is going to be an incredible book full of amazing stories about WWII veterans.

With 85+ stories confirmed, we have about 25 more waiting to be received.  We can still accept these stories and receive a few more while our attention turns to the layout and design phase.  PLEASE, send in your stories and photos as soon as possible so we can meet our publishing deadline of September 12, 2016.  CLICK HERE FOR FORM: ONLINE STORY AND PHOTO SUBMISSION FORM

On Sunday, the Miller Siblings met to celebrate Ken and Myra’s birthday (no, we aren’t twins) in addition to reviewing the book cover design, organization, and other production functions. We did have some crazy fun thanks Carol’s WWII party theme!

Please email at if you have a question or need help getting your story and photos to her.

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