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RIP Ted Bullock

RIP Ted Bullock

The reason for compiling stories for our book, Soldiers’ Stories: A Collection of WWII Memoirs?  Exactly this… we lost another WWII veteran who thought it was important to share his story.  My brothers and I met Ted on June 4, 2016, in Sainteny, France during an important ceremony honoring soldiers. He was extremely proud to represent the Royal Air Force and his contribution during the war.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Navy Quote of the Day:

“For me, it’s important that future generations know what we suffered during that time. I recently went into a school to talk to children, and when I spoke to the older kids, aged about 14 to 15, I told them there was something they could do for me. “I want you to forget about your mobile phones and your laptops and your iPads, just for a short period of time, and join the cadets,” I said. “Do not be in the position we were in: unprepared.””

Edward Bullock, Royal Air Force, British Army

Normandy Veteran

Ted Bullock was in the Royal Air Force and trained in Canada before as a flight engineer. He was then transferred into the Army and served in a Welsh Infantry regiment. He was a highly decorated soldier. He wore his hackle and badge with pride as an honorary member of the Fusiliers’ Association. (Source: Jon Skelly Skelson and Debra Jerdan)

Edward (Ted) Bullock has passed away. Ted Bullock passed away on October 10, 2016. He was 91 years old.

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