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Amazing Stories Are Being Added Each Day!

Amazing Stories Are Being Added Each Day!

What do a professional baseball player, fiddler, and Belgian teenager all have in common? They are all people who experienced different parts of World War II and lived to share their stories.  These stories, plus over a 100 more, are being included in the layout of our book, Soldiers’ Stories: A Collection of WWII Memoirs.   We also have stories from WWII soldiers who did not make it home from the war and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Many incredible memoirs from the Pacific Theater, European Theater, and USA stateside along with special accounts from people who lived in Belgium, France, England, and Germany during this terrible time.

Each page of the book is unique featuring an amazing story and photos honoring a special person who played an important role in the war.  The book is in layout mode and promises to be a great read for all ages; especially the next generation.  The Miller’s are working diligently to produce a beautiful, full-color, hardback book for your home.  We are donating close to 50 books to school libraries so that our next generation will be able to know what our brave WWII heroes did in the early 1940s.

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