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Soldiers’ Stories Is Now Available!

Soldiers’ Stories Is Now Available!

We are so excited!  You can order Soldiers’ Stories in a paperback version for $29.99 or hardback at $34.99 at either or Barnes&Noble online.

Soldiers’ Stories: A Collection of World War II Memoirs is a “must read” collection of personal stories of America’s servicemen and servicewomen as told by their families. It depicts their valor, patriotism, and their day-to-day exploits as well as their families’ home-front efforts. And it portrays their indefatigable human spirit. Once you start reading this colorful mosaic of individual memoirs, you will not be able to put it down. It is laced with colorful illustrations by Ken Miller and a mix of great color photos and black and white photography of that very special era. It is America at its best. This is a fabulous book, I just love it! -Gene Peloquin

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