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Kirkus Review Of Soldiers’ Stories!

Kirkus Review of Soldiers’ Stories!

A family honors World War II veterans in this extensive book recounting their experiences.

Inspired by the patriarch of this close-knit clan, the Miller family compiled this debut collection of soldiers’ stories. Most are the harrowing personal tales of the combatants’ struggles during the war, including which branch of the military they served in and the battles they fought in. The entries are usually no longer than two pages, submitted by family and friends, and a wide range of remembrances is represented, from a major league baseball player who almost lost a leg to a dental surgeon–turned-officer. They often read as brief snapshots or eulogies. For the avid history buff, some of the tales include refresher courses on specific battles. Pvt. George Young’s account, for instance, gives a thorough breakdown of his movements in Operation Cobra during the Normandy Campaign. The volume, illustrated by Ken Miller, is inclusive too: female veterans have space here, as do one man who was a child during the Battle of the Bulge and a woman who was interned by the Japanese during their occupation of Java.

“A tribute to soldiers packed with intriguing, vibrant details that make this a valuable addition to America’s historical record.” — Kirkus Reviews

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  1. Go Miller Family. This is an amazing book – through Solders’ Stories, you offer a first person perspective of WWII. I am honored to know that both of my parents (p. 276-281) are included in this book. Thank you for caring enough about your Dad’s contribution to WWII to make this book happen.

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