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Remembering Daddy On Christmas!

Remembering Daddy on Christmas!

It is hard to imagine that on this night (December 24, 1944), 73 years ago, my father was in a field hospital somewhere in Germany. A few days before, he had been severely wounded in a foxhole on December 16, 1944 in Kufferath, Germany. Sadly, his foxhole buddy didn’t survive the mortar blast. On January 7, 1945, he received a Purple Heart while recovering at the 156th General Hospital in England. It took him several months to recover but he did and was sent back to K/331st of the 83rd Infantry Division on April 25, 1945. My dad finally made it back home to Dixon, Missouri in November 1945.

Many thanks to Jelle Thys for this great page on the website Normandy to the Bulge. I hope you take a moment to read his story and view the photos via this link.


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