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Most Unique Book Delivery!

Most unique book delivery!

Perhaps one the of the most unique deliveries of our Soldiers' Stories book was by Myra who tracked Loïc Jankowiak  down in the middle of a field in France where he and his fellow WWII reenactors were bivouacking in July,…

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Award-winning Book!

Award-winning book!

The Miller Family receiving their medals at the 2017 Ella Dickey Literacy Award presentation. They were chosen for this award for their historical preservation of literature.

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Big Crowd In Woonsocket!

Big Crowd in Woonsocket!

What a great event at the Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket, Rhode Island!  Ken, Marshall, and Myra were treated like royalty and the community rolled out the red carpet.  The mayor of Woonsocket came to the event and…

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